David Bottjer personal trainer
Personal Trainer / Owner

My background starts in a passion for fitness and wellbeing. As a youth I would be known to run around the garden with bricks in my backpack while doing situps with my feet under the radiator watching you’ve been framed on a sunday evening. Personal training seems like it was always on the cards!

My passion with sport and competition began with running in which I competed from 12 to 20 at a county standard winning Essex county medals at both track and cross country and finishing in the UK top 10 rankings and eventually captaining the Essex schools cross country team in my final senior year.

My interests in fitness, sports and training led me to study sport and exercise science at college, which funnily enough is where I met Ben for the first time.

This peaked my interest and is when I realised my life would always be geared around fitness training and sports in some way. Once I finished running I needed to focus my passions somewhere else which fell into weight training at the gym.

By 28 (2015) I had trained for enough years to look into furthering my knowledge and starting a career in the fitness industry. I studied to be a personal trainer and then took up a personal training role at Virgin active Brentwood. Within Virgin Active I built my client base and began to gain my experience of not only training myself but adapting this knowledge to help other people of all experiences and backgrounds. I was very successful and I actually became one of the top 10 delivering personal trainers in all virgin active gyms across the uk.

Although I am proud of this achievement this also led me to my first real experience of mental health issues in which I suffered burnout. At this point I had my first child and purchased my first home and not long after COVID hit which I’m sure hit everyone with challenges they may never have experienced before.

This led me on the journey to recognizing the undeniable link between physical and mental wellbeing and led me to furthering my knowledge and skill set to include coping mechanisms and techniques for mental resilience and looking to create balanced and sustainable change.

This personal journey then led me to combine my knowledge of both fitness and mental wellbeing to create a methodology to create sustainable and balanced changes to the client’s lifestyle driven by the individual.