Ben Freeman personal trainer
Personal Trainer / Owner

My story doesn’t start with hardship or despair, I didn’t find my way into fitness via this or this, it was very simple, like me, I loved sport and training so this is the path I chose, eventually.

Like most boys I played football from a young age but found weight training at the age of 13, not being the tallest I wanted to be strong and impress the girls, it didn’t work.

From this introduction I found something I connected with and wanted to learn more and more about, still to this day I’m continually striving to be a better coach/trainer learning from some of the top coaches around so I can deliver the best for my clients.

My job isn’t just a hobby I take it personally because I truly care about you achieving what you set out for and I want to help you get there!

I played football, rugby, I was involved in athletics at school, racket sports but nothing quite inspired me like weight training, this is why after 2 years of sport science at college a failed 1st year at university and 10 years of working in retail I decided I wanted to get my qualifications so I could help people achieve things they never thought possible.