Ben and Dave created Inicio Fitness and Wellbeing off the back of a lifetime of inspiration from the world of health and fitness.

Both from a very young age were introduced into sport, football and athletics respectively, performing at the top, playing alliance league football for semi-pro football clubs to running for county and national honours. Dave and Ben’s friendship was formed at SEEC College, which opened the door to new and exciting ventures on how other forms of fitness, health, strength, and conditioning could take their bodies further.

After years of study and gaining multiple qualifications in the fitness industry, they decided to use their knowledge to help improve their clients’ fitness and wellbeing to a level they never thought possible.

The model they have developed over the years is aimed towards delivering long-term sustainable change to both your mental and physical wellbeing. Our passion and purpose is helping people to build happier, healthier, and balanced lifestyles.

Our trainers Ben and Dave have over 20 years of experience in the fitness and wellbeing industry between them.

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